Quick and Easy Tips To Increase AdSense CPC

AdSense CPC

Tips To Increase AdSense CPC

Do you want to increase your AdSense CPC rate then you come to the right place? Google AdSense is a worldwide popular PPC network, also known as Pay Per Click. Owners of any website with Google AdSense can make money online by registering their website. AdSense, a subsidiary of Google, provides online publishers with a unique way to monetize their website content. Now the real question here is whether you want to make money from your website.

Do you want to take advantage of a popular company like AdSense? If you want to make money from your blog or if you are making money and you want to make more money than before then you must read this article. I can say for sure that once you read this article you will be able to easily increase the revenue of your blog.

If you want to make as much money as possible from the AdSense program with the help of your website or blog, you should try to increase the CPC rate of your website as much as possible.

What is (CPC) Cost Per Click

CPC, cost per click is actually the price you set for per click on your ad, to run the ad you have to contact Google AdWords or Bing Ad Networks. The cost per click of the ad you run there is called CPC. CPC is a click you give to publishers for banner ads for your product through an ad company.

Every click a company receives in return for a PPC ad campaign is actually beneficial for the customer who is looking for that product. In short, CPC plays an important role in Google Ad Service and Bing Ad Service. If your CPC rate is good then your Google income will be better, and if your CPC rate is 1% then your Google income will not be good.

Why (CTR) Click Through Rate Matters

In this context, you have to look at another thing, and that is the CTR, which we also call the clickthrough rate. The clickthrough rate generated by visitors to your website who click on the ads on your site is called CTR. Here’s a little tip to focus on the favorite content of visitors who come to your site to read your content as well as click on the Google ads on your site.

So you have to focus not only on CPC but also on CTR. If you focus on both, I can guarantee that your Google AdSense CPC rate will increase and you will be able to make more money.

Now before I give you tips on how to increase your AdSense CPC rate, I will try to explain to you why your CPC rate is low.

Reasons Why Your CPC is Low


One of the reasons for the low CPC rate is that your blog topic has a very low CTR. For example, if the topic of your blog is politics, then the CTR of this topic is very low, due to which you get less income from the blog. But if the topic of your blog is real estate then fortunately the CPC and CTR rate of this topic is very high.


Now the second most important issue that causes your Google AdSense CPC rate to be very low is the location of visitors. If the majority of visitors to your site come from the United States, your CPC rate will be very high. And if visitors to your website come from another country so your CPC rate is low because different countries have different CPC and CTR rates.

Mobile Supported

If this is still the theme of your website or you have designed your website in such a way that it does not open on mobile then I would like to say here that you should first make your website mobile-friendly. Because since 2015, Google has started giving more importance to those websites which are mobile-friendly. And websites that are not mobile-friendly have very low SERPS and CPC rates.

Blocked Advertisers

You need to block some advertisers who want to be your competitors as well as run their ads on your website. You will also need to block some companies whose policies do not match your website or companies that you do not want to allow ads to run on your website.


If you have a successful or popular YouTube channel whose videos you want to put on your website. But if you put videos in a place that makes YouTube more profitable and AdSense less profitable, then your website’s CPC rate will be much lower.

Ad size

If you are running a successful blog and have Google AdSense ads installed on your website, make sure that the location of the ads on your site should be optimal. For example, if you place an ad in a place where visitors to your site cannot see your ad, it may lower your CPC rate. Here is a Google AdSense Ads Policy

Here are some tips to help you understand why your website’s CPC rate or CTR rate is so low. Now let’s go and see what are the tips that I can follow to increase the CPC rate of Google AdSense Ads on my website.

Here are Quick and Easy Tips To Increase AdSense CPC

Now here I am going to give you some tips which if you implement in your website then surely your AdSense CPC will increase.

1. Optimize your Content For High Value Keywords

Is the keyword you use on your website a high paying keyword? This is because Google AdSense policy includes that you use high paying keywords. When advertisers on Google AdSense bid on ads, keep in mind that the keywords you are using are high-paid keywords. And according to the keywords you use in your post, you write the content of your post accordingly so that the visitor to your post can find the best content. There are many keywords that can cost up to $ 50 per click. Have you included such words in your content?

2. Focus on Long tail Keywords

Don’t just focus on the best paying words but also use the SEO tools to the best of your ability so that you can make your content better and better. The best SEO tools you can use are Google’s keyword planner and SEMRush. Use these two keyword search tools to help you find the best keywords and use those keywords to provide the best content to your website visitors. Make sure to include the keywords you are using in your content in a natural way so that there are no writing style problems or any grammatical errors.

3. Write Engaging and High-Quality Content

The quality of your content is important to your website. The best thing that can help your blog rank well on Google is your content. It is very important that the content you write is content that can answer the visitor’s question well on your website, or what the visitor is looking for on your website. Yes, he should get that thing. You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people. And also make sure that you have the best solution to the problem that your website visitor has. You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people.


If you put the right ad size on your website, it will also increase your CPC rate and increase Google AdSense revenue. Try to use ad sizes that are suitable not only for the desktop version but also for mobile and tablet. My advice is to use a variety of ad sizes until your CPC rate improves.

5. Allow Block Ads

When you start using Google AdSense, you will see that there will be a section called allow block ads. When you click on this section, you will see that the ads there are giving you the option of which ad is benefiting you the most. It will show you different types of ad categories, which will be used in different areas of your website. If you see a category that is giving you less profit, or you are not making a lot of profit from a category ad, you can immediately block that ad category.

6. Text & Image Format

The ad format you will use to place it on your website, whether it is text format or image format, should be the size and style of the ad. If you want to put 3 types of ads on your website, you have to put 336 X 260 size ads. And an ad of 468 X 60 has to be added. Here I would like to tell you that if you apply a text format ad, the CTR rate of this type of ad will be very high.


Finally, I would like to tell you that if you follow all these tips, you can make a better profit. All of these methods are very accurate, and you will not be at risk. I hope you find this article useful. If you have a problem with AdSense, please comment on this post and I will answer your question.

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