7 Best WordPress Plugins 2020

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Best WordPress Plugins 2020

WordPress Plugins are the best tools to enhance and improve functionality in WordPress. There are over 55000+ WordPress plugins online that users are taking full advantage of. With so many plugins out there, users are overwhelmed to find the right and appropriate plugin for their website. Here you know about the 7 Best WordPress Plugins that can really helpful for you.

In this post, I will write in detail about the Best WordPress plugins for you. These types of plugins will add amazing functionality and availability to your website and make it great for you and visitors who visit your website for their purpose. Although the nature/strength of your website mainly controls which blogs you want to have on your website or blog, there are few important and famous plugins that Harvard Press Blog needs to be done.

There have been simple and amazing plugins in the WordPress framework that do a lot of work for you. There are thousands of plugins in the official plugin repository. This means you will find plugins for almost every task or feature on your website. In addition, you will find more than one plugin for the same feature in the WordPress framework that you need. You can find and use both free and premium plugins to improve the WordPress platform. And most plugins are used for free. Some type of plugin is free that has the option to upgrade to the premium version for advanced features if you want better performance of your website.

Here is the list of Top and Important WordPress Plugins

  1. WPForo Forum Plugin

Every website needs a contact form because it makes it easier for your visitors to stay in touch with you. WordPress Forums is the most user-friendly contact form plugin for WordPress. This drag and drop type online form builder lets you easily find contact forms, email subscription forms, online order forms, payment forms, survey forms, polls, and basically other types of online forms with just a few clicks. You can create the form of your choice in just a few minutes.

  1. All in One Schema.Org Rich Snippets

This Plugin Provides your website with Rich Snippets a short summary of your page in the search engine results of Google, Yahoo, and Sometime in News Feed of Facebook in a nice and perfect format with short article descriptions, star ratings, author photos, etc. You may have seen additional pieces of information such as star ratings, images, number of reviews, etc. at the bottom of some pages of search results. They provide more information about the post or page the user wants to know about. Classifications such as short excerpts/pieces of information are called rich snippets.

  1. BJ Lazy Load

Nowadays, Google’s automated robotic system brings websites to the top of search engines with faster loading speeds. That is, the entire website opens within 3 to 5 seconds after clicking on the website link. If you want your website to speed up and load the entire website page quickly, you need to install this plugin. This plugin replaces all your post images, post thumbnails, grout images, and content in the placeholder and loads this content as it enters the browser window when a visitor scrolls through the page.

  1. iThemes Security

iThemes Security mostly uses and WordPress platform best security plugin. iThemes Security provides you with ways to keep your WordPress site secure and more than 30+ websites secure. On average, more than 30 thousand plus websites are hacked every day. Plugin vulnerabilities, weak passwords, and obsolete software make WordPress sites easy targets for attacks. Most WordPress admins don’t realize or can’t know how to protect their website from a hacker, For these types of users IMS Security perfect choice to secure their websites, It can protect your website from hackers, fix common holes, prevent automated attacks, and consolidate user credentials. With its premium version features for experienced users, this WordPress security plugin helps to secure the WordPress platform websites.

  1. Smush – Compress, Image Optimizer, Lazy Load, WebP Images

Images from your website’s posts slow down your website’s speed. As a result, the speed of your website is recorded in the Google system and Google will push the number of your website to the back numbers. If you want the speed of your website to be no less than the images of a blog post, then you need to use this plugin. WP Smush is a WordPress plugin that provides the best and perfect facility to improve your images without losing your quality. The WP Smush plugin is very easy to use and you can reduce its size when uploading your image to your WordPress site.

  1. WordPress SEO By Yoast

SEO, search engine optimization is an important component of any website. When you build a website on WordPress, you have to make your website standard for SEO. That’s why you need a plugin that can easily deal with your site’s SEO. Yoast SEO is a standard and trusted plugin that lets you easily improve your website’s SEO. This WordPress plugin does search engine optimization for your website. Yoast SEO Plugin is a favorite plugin of millions of people around the world.

  1. WordPress Backup

You work hard to make your website popular all over the world. You want people from all over the world to come to your website and read and benefit from the content on your website. But do you want your hard work to be wasted? That’s why there is a plugin for WordPress users that saves you years of hard work.

With the UpdraftPlus WordPress Backup Plugin, you can protect your WordPress website from being lost. It is the world’s largest and most popular backup plugin, that can use to make your website backup with over two million active installs at present on their blog or websites. Back up and restore your files and databases with a single click.

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