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Google-Chrome is Google’s Search engine company web browser. Google Chrome is a high-quality free browsing software that is always available for both PC and mobile platforms. In this post, You can be able to find out the st google chrome extensions for Seo. Google introduced Google Extensions shortly after Google Chrome was advertised. Introducing a variety of features for users using Google Chrome. These features allow you to do better and more customized browsing. Google Extension makes your web browsing experience better and more convenient than ever by adding functionality as you click the mouse. You can enhance your browsing experience with thousands of extensions through Google’s Chrome browser.

In this post, we will analyze the 15 best SEO extensions for Google Chrome. With Google Chrome’s SEO extension, you can find a wide variety of information about each type of website. Such as the number of backlinks to the website, Google ranking of the website, information about the traffic coming to the website, and much more. These types of extensions will be very helpful for your website. Especially important to check the ranking of a website or your website.

Top 10 Best Google Chrome Extensions for SEO

1. GrowthBar Google Chrome Extension

GrowthBar is a simple extension of the Google Chrome browser. Which gives you instant access to important and up-to-date SEO data about any website, and provides you with all kinds of channels and keywords. This extension opens for you the keyword of the desired topic used on the website that appears on the first page of Google.

If you want to write an article on a topic and you can’t find the keyword you want, you can easily find keywords, other SEO related information after installing this extension in your Google Chrome browser. With this extension, you can easily find the best performing keywords of any website, hard score in keyword ranking, domain authority, backlink data, page word count, and much more that you want.

2. BuzzSummo Google Chrome Extension

BuzzSumo is one of Google Chrome’s most popular and top marketing tools. Buzz Sumo lets you search for the most shared content online for any title via Google Chrome. Google Chrome’s Buzz Sumo extension gives you an insight into how certain pieces of content work best without leaving your web browser. This tool shows you the current number of backlinks to your website and the website’s Google Score, as well as the number of engagements on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Reddit, etc.

3. Text Optimizer Google Chrome Extension

TextOptimizer is built into Google Chrome as a writing assistant tool. It analysis the relevant words that you use to write in everyday life and shows you better words that you can use to improve your writing skills than ever before. You can also use this tool for articles on your website. This tool allows you to choose words that are better than the ones you typed in your article, and also increase your website’s search engine optimization expectations.

4. VidIQ Youtube Google Chrome Extension

VidIQ is a Google Chrome extension that plays an important role in creating a channel on Youtube and increasing the number of subscribers to this channel. Nowadays, many people from all over the world create YouTube channels and upload videos related to their topics to their channel. There is no any type of difficulty in this whole procedure. The real difficulty is to increase the subscribers of your YouTube channel. This tool helps your channel’s videos rank well in YouTube’s search engine and get more people to watch your videos.

This tool is the best way for you to increase views on videos on YouTube channels and if you use YouTube channel to sell something then VidIQ YouTube Google Is an extension of. The VidIQ tool lets you audit channels to see what is working with your content and what you need or need to take care of when uploading your video. The tool will tell you everything properly. You can use this tool for free through Google Chrome and you can also use the premium version of this tool if you want to further improve your YouTube channel.

5. SEOquake Google Chrome SEO Extension

SEOquake is a free and useful extension for your Google Chrome browser. Open the website for which you need the data, just click once on this extension and get all the information on this website for free. Here is the information you can get from any website through this plugin. Google Page Number, Bing Page Number, Alexa Website Rankings, Backlinks, Internal Links, Number of External Links, In addition, you can easily get information about the monthly visitors to the website.

6. SEOStack Keyword Tool for Google Chrome

SEOStack puts your identity in extensions on Google Chrome. This tool will help you find better and higher value keywords for your article topic. With this tool, you can easily choose the best keywords for your article topic. You can use this tool for free, you do not have to pay any extra cost to use this tool. This tool will help you find a lot of word ideas on any topic and that too for free.

7. SimilarWeb Google Chrome Extension

SimilarWeb is a Best Google chrome extension for SEO purposes. SimilarWeb is an online company that scans every website on the World Wide Web and informs the user about its progress. SimilarWeb will tell you about the speed of the website, whether the website has been set according to the SEO, and also you can see the ranking according to the traffic of any website. The SimilarWeb tool will not only tell you the bugs of the website but also the solution.

8. MozBar Google Chrome Extension

MozBar is an amazing Google Chrome Extension for SEO purposes. MozBar is an online company that works on SEO, backlinks, content management systems. Now this company has introduced its extension on Google Chrome. Which will provide you with information regarding the SEO of any website. Just like the domain authority score of any website, the page authority of any domain provides information about scores in terms of scores, backlinks, SEO performance. You can use this extension for free.

9. Mangools Google Chrome SEO Extension

Mangools is also the best and most used SEO extension for Google Chrome. Mangools is the fastest way to offer SEO analysis on Google Chrome. You can easily track the SEO performance of any website with this extension. Mangools extensions are a great way to keep track of your website’s Page Authority, Domain Authority, Website Backlinks, and SEO statistics, and rankings.

10. Meta SEO Inspector Google Chrome Extension

META SEO Inspector Google Chrome Extension is very useful for users of the Google Chrome browser. If you work on a website, you must use this Google extension. This tool easily detects errors in your website or articles published on your website and will expose your website’s errors at the click of a button. You will find more on this device, such as article titles, meta descriptions, backlinks, internal links, external links, and more.

Final Thoughts

I hope this article will be useful to you. With this article, you can set the SEO setting of your website or YouTube channel video many times better than before. The purpose of mentioning Google Chrome extensions in this article is just to guide you in the right way so that you can choose and benefit from the best extensions in a good and better way.

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